Revit Drafting & Training

Revit-3D example -After Rendering

Rendered Revit Project

After rendering a Revit project, environmental considerations such as lighting and plantings can be addressed. Rendered drawings also provide a good visual aid for seeing the finished project.


Revit is the wave of the future…

Revit is the wave of the future. The ability of the program to correlate both 3D visuals and construction materials allows for a project that can be managed perfectly, smoothing the construction process. Here, an un-rendered 3D house has had its roof taken off to expose the interior walls.


Section Views are Always Accurate

With Revit, unlike some other 3D programs in the past, heights and elevations are immediately part of the design process, rather than being assigned later to 2D plans. Section views can then be easily taken at any point in the project, and are perfectly accurate.


House with Exterior Planting

A Revit model of a house with exterior planting, before being rendered.