Patent Illustrations


Utility Patents

Your business is precise and your patents need to get something across that gets to the heart of the matter. M&H has a strong portfolio of engineering and medical design patents that put the precision where you need it. We understand what you need to get across and we make certain it comes through. We’ve created perfect PTO drawings of cellular blot analyses methods, patient procedures, new medical devices, and complex commercial mechanical devices.


Rocket-Shaped Drink Dispenser

A design patent for a rocket-shaped drink dispenser, shown in an isometric view. The cap is shown exploded out, to demonstrate how the clear glass middle can be refilled with liquids.

You’re amazing, your new product is amazing, and you know the market is going to nab up your newly designed product. But first, you have to protect it’s “flavor”, it’s specially designed qualities, and innovative fusions of functionality and form. We know how to communicate what’s unique. From photographs to drawings on napkins, we will map your new styles and freshness to a drawing that the PTO is going to understand in a glance. We capture the curves, textures, dimensions, and minute details, that make the product stand out and get you the patent that protects your intellecutal property. And all the while, we enjoy doing it as much as you do inventing it.


Cooking Oil Dispenser

The design patent for a refillable cooking oil dispenser that releases the oil as a fine mist for spraying pots and pans. The USPTO has had a long standing tradition of requiring the use of shading lines on design patents to highlight the shape. Using lines for shading is an old drafting technique, and in the hands of a master drafter becomes an art form.


Company Trademark for ArcticSnow

A company trademark. The USPTO requires the use of line patterns to denote colors. For instance, evenly spaced lines at a 45 degree angle would indicate the color brown, whereas vertical lines would be red. A solid pattern, as shown here, is basic black.

Companies spend a lot of time and money creating logos that stand out for a variety of differnet reasons. We’ve worked with iterations of some of the biggest logos in business and we are proud to see them through to completion. From one business to another, we want to see you succeed almost as much as you do. We’ll bring out all the qualities of your carefully planned Trademark.


Mona Lisa for a Brand of Chili

A rather whimsical trademark for a brand of chili. Some detail has been removed for clarity, but it is definitely the Mona Lisa of trademarks!


Utility Patent – Spinal Screws

A utility patent for a surgical process in which screws are attached to vertebrae in order to provide stability and encourage bone re-growth. Here patterns have been used to illustrate the difference between bone and tissue, as well as provide enhanced clarity to a complex visualization.


Utility Patent for a Surgical Procedure

A utility patent showing a new surgical procedure. Here, slow-releasing drugs are implanted to provide constant drug therapy to the brain.


Utility Patent for a Purse

A utility patent for a purse that can be zipped up for security and practicality, and when unzipped provides a surface for writing and reading on. The numbers correlate to the written patent narrative, but the style of the numbers is important too: Numbers with leader lines that have arrows indicate a broader view, as opposed to a specific detail.