On Being the Bridge

One thing that I have observed in my time as a draftsman, is that there exists a certain awkwardness in which people approach you.  You see, when you’re a draftsman in a large engineering, architectural, or contracting firm, you’re not an engineer, architect, or contractor – but depending on how long you’ve been in your [...]


  Patent illustration was what I cut my teeth on, and still remains that comforting place to go, where I always know what to do and how to achieve the end result, even before I get started. Working in something like patent illustration, where you use commands as they are useful to you, and not [...]

Model Space and Paper Space

  I’ve trained quite a few people in AutoCAD, and I’ve taken note of some of the common things that newcomers to the program have the most trouble with.  The biggest one:  The difference between Model and Paper spaces. For those of us who have used CAD-type programs for any length of time, trying to [...]