Experience in creating 2D and 3D drawings for use in architectural, engineering, and design applications. Curious about a certain field or level of expertise? Call us.



Building Information Management (BIM) is where the future is going. We can help get you there better, faster, and cheaper with tried and true methods like in-person training and customized documentation. No nonsene. All business.


Patent Illustration

An idea is all we need to deliver patent illustrations that interpret your design and utility requirements.

Our skilled and experienced services are available at affordable rates.

  • Our process makes it easy…

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    Binka was an excellent addition to our team for the three-month period she led all of our illustration effortsMike Jones - ABC A&E

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    Design & Illustration

    We will make your drawing look better. It is part of the package. Want more design assistance? We can help. Just need the perfect USPTO patent illustration? That is our bread and butter.


    Our satisfied customers attest to our capabilities, and we are happy to share our references.


    We get down into the details for Revit and AutoCad with a program that can be as personal as your company wants. Your office can have design consistency and speed while being updated on the latest technology.


    With over 12 years experience in patent illustrations we stay current with USPTO regulations and requirements. We have not had a rejected drawing. Ever.


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  • Welcome to M & H Designs Unlimited

    Welcome to M&H Designs Unlimited! Our company has provided drafting services and support for a variety of industries and disciplines for 12 years. We are dedicated to working closely with clients to provide the best quality of service and the best working experience.

    Our Process

    From napkin sketches to USPTO submission and from an employee base using Visio drawing tools to a pool of trained AutoCad technicians we can help your ideas and your team realize their potential. What M&H Designs does for you is give your ideas and people the time and attention they need to realize their full potential. Customer needs, detailed attention, hard work, and dedicated support... that is our process.

    Our Expertise

    Drafting is both a science and an art. The science is in the tools; being able to use the best practices and cutting edges programs to create the clearest and most exact images. The art is in the visualization and the communication; being able to take an idea and turn it into a physical concept that can be presented to a client. M&H Designs Unlimited strives for excellence in this dichotomy